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October 2002
Irish mount huge legal bid to close Sellafield

Irish fears about Britain's Sellafield nuclear plant are being expressed with more vigour than ever this week as the Dublin Government mounts its biggest international legal challenge to the complex...

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August 2002
How big is your (ecological) footprint?

Are you using more than your share of the Earth's resources?

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March 2002
Why we are against the incineration of waste

Whilst accepting that incineration of certain veterinary and clinical waste may at present be unavoidable until better techniques have been developed, Isle of Man Friends of the Earth is strongly opposed to mass incineration of municipal, commercial and industrial waste because its contents are unknown and undefined.

The polluting effects of the flue gases from burning such waste are still insufficiently known and it would be wiser if precaution prevailed. New products come on the market all the time and may contain materials that could produce hitherto unforeseen toxic substances if burned. The EU flue gas emission limits are based on quantities that can be measured and that have been agreed by compromise with the industry, not because they are necessarily safe.

Although flue gases are now being cleaned more efficiently than in the past, the effect of more efficient cleaning is greater toxicity of the fly ash residues. There is no legal requirement to monitor ash residues. Fly ash is supposed to be dumped in special and costly landfill sites but has been known to be mixed with bottom ash (clinker) which can be dumped or used in building materials.

The amount of usable energy from incineration is in most cases insignificant in proportion to the energy invested in the mining, transport and processing of natural resources for the materials burnt. It also fails to account for the energy and materials invested in the construction an incineration plant.

Incineration promotes wasteful consumerism and unrestricted use of natural resources. The high-tech societies have no exclusive right to these resources. They exist, not only for the benefit of all the 6 billion people on Earth, but for all life, present and future.

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March 2002
Read our latest press release: The Closure of Sellafield
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February 2002
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December  2001
Bath and North East Somerset Council adopts Zero Waste Vision

Bath and North East Somerset Council is leading the field by becoming the first local authority in the UK to put Zero Waste at the heart of its policies on waste.

The Councils long-term vision is to eliminate waste altogether, rather than simply manage it. Bath & North East Somerset has pipped all other authorities in the UK to the post in making this radical move.

Zero Waste aims to ensure that all products are made from materials which can be either repaired, re-used or recycled. This means that at the end of their life there is no residual waste to be disposed of. This will result in massive savings in cash terms and an equally impressive reduction in damage to our environment.

Of course local authorities alone cannot achieve Zero Waste, but they can set an example to Government and industry by using their influence with the public to exert pressure for this revolutionary change in the way we live.

Although Zero Waste may not yet be fully attainable and is a challenging target, simply by adopting it as a long-term goal there will be a change in attitude throughout the production chain. Indeed there is likely to be a move away from the throw away culture in society to one which demands quality longer life goods where production makes little impact on our fragile environment.

Bath and North East Somerset Council will need to work closely with residents in the area in order to enlist their support for this radical change to Zero Waste, just as it has done, in partnership with Bath and North East Somerset Community Recycling in the Green Box scheme. Bath & North East Somerset is already a Beacon council for waste and Zero Waste should ensure that the authority remains a leading council in this field.

This is a bottom up policy, which we hope will influence national government and local, regional and national companies to also adopt Zero Waste as a long- term aim.

Issued by: Bath and North East Somerset Council Press Office 10 December 2001
Bath and North East Somerset Council 2001

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November 2001
Statement from Isle of Man Friends of the Earth

The Richmond Hill Incinerator - Fly Ash

Fly ash is a by-product of a modern incinerator. It is highly toxic and dangerous.
The Isle of Man Government hopes to have it shipped off the Island, but it has no agreement in place and there is every possibility that neither England, Scotland nor Ireland will accept this toxic stuff. Why should they?

We would then have no alternative but to bury the fly ash somewhere on the Island.

This could be in your constituency - it could be on your doorstep.

It may still not be too late to re-negotiate the contract for the incinerator. United Waste Limited are a general waste management company in the UK who have contracts for recycling, kerbside collections and composting. They could do the same here.

This will cost money. But it is cheaper than building, operating and regularly up-grading a costly incinerator for 25 years.

Take the Greenpeace incinerator tour

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