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FUN LINKS MAINLY FOR KIDS! the best site the BBC education website has good ecosystem games the general nature website has some other things, not quite so good online quiz to see how big your feet are also has one and how much hot air you produce my ideal school good site for school gardens: 'how-to' make and maintain a wildlife or food garden, notes for teachers in curriculum and a few interactive activities.
Nice animations. Click on 'About us', 'Education' and 'Nature Power'
worldwide site nice online comics - funny stories about aliens visiting how the planet works online film about people channel 4's site
for older people eco centre's website some useful technology Pictures of the Earth from space, showing the lights an example of ingenious website design, you type in your postcode to see a map of your area showing your local small food producers (no Manx yet) from farmers' associations, includes 'running an organic farm' very good interactive site - art, rivers, virtual pond dip, etc ideas for linking the arts, nature, town and country. Publications include:
"The Tree (How a Tree Works)", 4.00 - A1 colour poster about global warming (Click on Greenhouse Effect) more about weather climate online game: Climate Change Casino design for sustainable living: how towns could look, nice drawings The Hockerton Housing Project is the UK's first earth sheltered, self-sufficient ecological housing development A city eco-house - renovation of Victorian terrace, the main site isn't so good school with windmill Zeri, the Zero Emission Research Institute have developed some ingenious sustainable technology. They aim for industry of 100% natural materials, and zero CO2 emissions, e.g. invented an earthquake-proof house for South America, made of bamboo. 'Hands on' brings you information on what entrepreneurs and individuals around the world are doing in the fields of sustainable enterprise and appropriate technology journalism by kids wind energy news a large new village on former mine workings, not fun but good some new (2002) flats near London 

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