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Friends of the Earth USA

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Greenpeace UK - Zero Waste Plan

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Basking Shark Society
Island Agenda 21 (promote Agenda 21 and sustainability)  email:
Isle of Man Birding (all about birding on the Island)
Manx Bird Atlas
Manx Energy and Natural Resources Society (renewable energy, energy efficiency etc) ~ for contact details email:
Manx Rivers Improvement
Manx Wildlife Trust
Permaculture Association (IOM) (design for sustainable living: courses, library, magazine, home and garden emphasis) ~ for contact details email:
Zero Waste Mann (charity promoting recycling and super-efficiency) email:

The Ecologist Magazine in-depth ecology (plus some politics).
Positive News, Living Lightly Magazine
Permanent Publications Permaculture Magazine (ecodesign for garden/home) and green books by mail order.
Hdra - The UK Organic gardening association centre, mail order, magazine, very comprehensive source of info).
Centre for Alternative Technology (busy visitors centre, mail order books, fact sheets, many specialist  and introductory courses). Some of the books are 'state of the art' and very useful.
Eco-logic books (lots of good hard-to find titles)
New Internationalist Magazine 'best guide to major issues'
Ergo- A new, positive and witty 'magazine for sustainable living'

EIRIS- independent ethical investment advice service. Set up by charities and churches.
Triodos Bank - one of the 'green' ethical investment banks.  

AECB (Association for Environmentally Conscious Building) www.aecb.netRegular magazine (online too), mail order service very good technical info.
The Whole House Book - the most comprehensive source of info, available from AECB.
Building Research Establishment very good energy/building info.
Abacus Construction Index A directory of 2,000 recommended websites and online documents for UK construction professionals. Also covers case studies and newsletters.

Permanent Publications, Eco-logic books, Hdra and Cat all sell practical gardening books. Hdra produce fact sheets on most garden subjects.
Permaculture Association (IOM) run regular courses which cover ecological gardening & design. For details of the next one email: Members also have access to a library of useful books. Making and using compost.

BUSINESS & INDUSTRY 'Natural Capitalism' is a groundbreaking book full of examples of super-efficiency in business, inspiring and ingenious stories. The Rocky Mountain Institute has studied and developed more ecological businesses. This detergent company built the World's first ecological factory. The detergent is harmless to the environment when used, and the factory is harmless also. Interface carpet company have 3 ecofriendly lines: Interlock, solenium and rekjavik: available from many suppliers. Their UK factory is powered by renewable energy.
'Buying for the Future' 'An excellent primer for businesses, local authorities and the like. What you and your organisation purchase has a profound effect on the environment.' 17.99 Eco-logic books.
A toolkit for offices: to  improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental effects from CRC email:
Building Research Establishment 

Buying for the Future - see business section.
Building Research Establishment help is an initiative from the Energy Saving Trust. Aimed specifically at Local Authorities, it provides the help you need to promote and implement sustainable energy and environmentally-friendly transport policies.  

JOHANNESBURG SUMMIT & WHAT IS SUSTAINABILITY? is an excellent online intro to the best book about planet Earth, 'Dr Art's Guide to Planet Earth' - step by step, lots of cartoony illustrations, funny too.
'The Little Earth Book'(5) a little book you can dip into, gives the whole picture easily.
'The Web of Life' by Fritjof Capra is like 'Dr Art's' but more in-depth and less pictures. The Earth Summit website. United Nations Environment Programme.
 Local Agenda 21 UK. 

DEMOCRACY Imagining the future you want (for a group of people). Participation works! from publications pages. 

The Wild Flower Page. WWF.
The Woodland Trust.
Worldwatch Institute.
Cheshire Wildlife Trust  

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